Car insurance

Searching for the right car insurance can be complicated. So we’re here to make your life easier. Whatever your car’s shape or size, our team of experts are here to help you drive with confidence under the right cover.


Home insurance

Finding the right insurance to protect your property and all its belongings is often a difficult process. That’s why we’re here to find you a policy tailored to your home, giving you extra assurance in your insurance. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or building a property, we can help you with the right insurance to keep your house a home.

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Travel insurance


Van insurance

On the lookout for the right van insurance? Our expert team will find the right insurance to have you covered. Whether you’re a sole trader or have a fleet of vans, we work with a range of insurers to provide you with the right cover to keep you and your van on the road.


Farm insurance

We understand the constant demands of farming, so we’re here to make one thing much easier. No matter the size, we work with you on a personal level to protect your livelihood and help find the most competitive cover that your farm needs.


Business insurance

Searching for a business insurance deal? From home offices to large enterprises, we understand that every business is different. That’s why our expert team works hard to find the right policies and protection for your specific business needs.

Insurance that’s built around you

Every type of business we work with is unique in their own way. Our expert business team can work closely with you to determine the specifics of what you need, even if you require highly bespoke specialist insurance cover. 

Types of cover

Professional Indemnity Icon
Professional Indemnity

Historically, Professional Indemnity Insurance was considered to be the ‘original’ professional insurance for solicitors and architects etc. However, with the professional services industry stretching far and wide, that is no longer the case and many individuals, and/or businesses, have smartly chosen to protect themselves for the professional advice and services they undertake on their client’s behalf.

This policy covers areas of legal action that would not be covered by general liability policies. It is important to also have this protection in place even post trading, therefore it is best to check with your relevant industry body as this is often a legal requirement to keep your policy active.

You may need Professional Indemnity Insurance if you:

  • Provide expertise or advice to clients
  • Have access to your customers confidential information
  • Produce materials or products that could violate intellectual property rights
Credit Icon
Credit Insurance

This policy protects the policyholder in the event of a buyer becoming insolvent or defaulting on payment which in turn, protects your cash flow. It gives you access to good quality information helping you make informed decisions when granting credit facilities to customers. It facilitates growth with security and allows you to deal confidently with new clients and extend credit lines to existing ones.

Directors Offices Icon
Directors & Officers

Insurance policies are designed to meet the needs of your business, but the capacity of your role can mean you need further protection. This policy is not for the company but for you, if you are a key decision maker such as member of a senior management team.

It covers you if you are found to be in breach of certain duties, helping to protect you from any claims made as a result of your decisions and actions. We can tailor this cover to provide you with peace of mind that your personal assets are protected, along with legal costs.

Cyber Icon
Cyber Liability

Cyber-attacks and online computer related data incidents are on the rise, with 4 out of 5 businesses reporting some form of e-crime attacks. Regardless of the size of your business you need to consider Cyber Liability and data (GDPR) related risks.

Whether you are a consultant, sole trader, SME or large enterprise, we can tailor a policy to your specific needs and offer competitive and comprehensive policies.

You may need Cyber Liability Insurance if:

  • You use a computer for your business
  • You use or provide services online
  • You store customer or commercial data on a computer or remote server
  • You use a software provider to help run your business
  • You own digital assets

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