Car insurance

Searching for the right car insurance can be complicated. So we’re here to make your life easier. Whatever your car’s shape or size, our team of experts are here to help you drive with confidence under the right cover.


Home insurance

Finding the right insurance to protect your property and all its belongings is often a difficult process. That’s why we’re here to find you a policy tailored to your home, giving you extra assurance in your insurance. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or building a property, we can help you with the right insurance to keep your house a home.

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Travel insurance


Van insurance

On the lookout for the right van insurance? Our expert team will find the right insurance to have you covered. Whether you’re a sole trader or have a fleet of vans, we work with a range of insurers to provide you with the right cover to keep you and your van on the road.


Farm insurance

We understand the constant demands of farming, so we’re here to make one thing much easier. No matter the size, we work with you on a personal level to protect your livelihood and help find the most competitive cover that your farm needs.


Business insurance

Searching for a business insurance deal? From home offices to large enterprises, we understand that every business is different. That’s why our expert team works hard to find the right policies and protection for your specific business needs.

Ensure your shop or office has the protection it needs

Our team of experienced staff are here to provide expert insurance advice if you run a shop or office. We take the time to understand the risks and challenges associated with your specific business.  

Nearly every corner shop, salon, florist, dental surgery or office-based business will need Employer’s Liability as it is required by law if you have any staff. Buildings and Contents Insurance may also be fundamental to your policy. Our job is to help you assess any additional elements of cover you may need, so you have a tailored package that safeguards you against a wide range of risks to your business. 

Shop and Office Insurance can include:

  • Public and Products Liability
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Accidental Damage
  • Theft of money
  • Fire, flood, storm and accidental damage to your buildings, contents, stock and business equipment
  • Shop frontage, glass & signage
  • Goods in Transit
  • Business Interruption
  • Legal Expenses


Key considerations

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Seasonal Cover

  • This is specific to retailers that have seasonal stock levels which fluctuate substantially at different periods across the year. For example, florists will increase their stock significantly around Mother’s Day. This type of cover enables your “sums insured” amount to be increased for your busiest times.

Online Sales

  • If you sell goods online such as on social media or via your website, we can cover liability for certain scenarios, even in different geographical areas, such as damage of goods.


  • ATMs both inside and built into the exterior of your building will need to be taken into consideration on your policy.

Fridges and Freezers

  • If you own a supermarket or a small convenience shop, you will more than likely have fridges and freezers in store to keep your stock fresh. However, if they breakdown, the cost of replacing the stock could be expensive. By adding fridge/freezer contents, we can help ensure you will be covered for this additional cost.


  • This covers the loss, theft or the accidental damage of your stock. It’s important to note that stock should be insured for the cost of value and not resale.
  • If you sell goods such as alcohol and cigarettes, another type of cover otherwise known as ‘Target Stock’ would need to be added. These products must be specified as they are high risk items in terms of theft.

Work Away

  • Work Away covers you for occasions when you are away from your usual business premises. For example, if you are demonstrating your products at exhibitions.
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Hairdressing Salons and Beauticians

Whether you’re an experienced beautician, nail technician, hairdresser or barber with a salon, we can provide a comprehensive, cost-effective insurance policy that ensures your business is protected from any potential risks. A consideration to take into account is whether you specialise in specific treatments.

If so, it may be worth adding ‘Treatment Insurance’ to your policy. This type of cover protects you if your business specialises in beauty treatments, and an injury occurs to a client including if they have a reaction. Other considerations are:

  • Do you own sunbeds?
  • Do you rent your chairs?
  • Do you work away from home?
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Office Insurance

Depending on the type of business, you can pick and choose which office insurance policies you need to create one tailored package.

Contents ­­All Risk’s

  • We can provide content cover on an ‘all-risk’s’ basis. This means we can cover you for all eventualities, in all locations for items such as mobile phones or laptops.

Equipment breakdown

  • You can add this to your policy, to safeguard the day-to day operations of your business in the event that your equipment has broken down, including the retrieval of lost or deleted documents or data due to mechanical failure.

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